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Thursday Blogs 26.5.16

This is the second time I am living in a apartment building, first experience was in Hyderabad, in both places I have noticed (or felt) one thing, that is, the modern builders, especially the ones that build houses in mass scale and without the supervision of those who will live in them build hellholes. Which are truly not the best places to live in.

The floorings of both these flats are amazing! In one word, they are so slippery that you have to always keep that in mind, even then you will slip on a single drop of water, and they become hot in summer, freeze in winter. In summer you can actually feel the heat rising from them as you sit on floor or sleep on your mattress on floor, like I do. Ever since I stopped living on ground floor I dreamt of sleeping on floor because that makes a huge bed, but now I am wondering if I will just get my bed back to my room! The floor freezes like hell in winter, so cold that I have to spread a thick bed-sheet on the floor to avoid catching cold. These houses look fancy but when it comes to pleasant living they are pure hell.

Now the floor in Hyderabad flat was sizzling hot in summer too, but there summer was shorter than in Kolkata and not this unbearable, I missed the winter there, so can’t tell you anything about the condition of floor in winter because I stayed there from February to November, therefore I did not enjoyed Hyderabad winter at all.

(A little on next week, the rest will continue as I continue encountering them).

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