Author: Sharmishtha Basu

Writing is my passion, I am looking forward to make it my profession. Will be glad to hear from publishers or literary agents.

Thursday Blog 19.11.15

People have all of a sudden become scared of the rising crime rate in children, but those who love children, or unfortunately loved the fantasy forms of children- the divine cherubs have felt this quite some time ago I think, and have started saying that feebly, which others have rubbished and allowed it to grow.

How can we forget that children very often reflect the surroundings they are born in or more their parents. These days, when we look around us we see how much rampant is corruption, now these parents, will they preach their kids to become saints or will they motivate them to go astray from young age? I am really afraid to think that the latter is truth.

I have heard a few of my cousins regretting how their parents brought them up with strong ethics and thus they had to face the big bad wolves once out in the real world again and again and bleed.

Will these parents teach their kids the values they have learnt? I truly doubt that! Then what will the parents who have to fight tooth and nail for survival, or have to sell their soul for survival will teach? Well, no matter what human beings do for existence they certainly do one thing, have children, one or more and then bring them up, no one says no to them, because that is natural instinct, and then either they throw them out in the wolf pen or bring them up the way they want them to be.

So, to change the kids we will have to start with the parents and of course the kids too, otherwise the circle will go on and on, by the time we will be done with the parents the kids will become parents. ;)

So both should be taught side by side, in same school to actually teach the lessons.