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Books republished in Amazon – new stories, lesser price!

February 2018
The Lotus of Fire
A bouquet of wild flowers

April 2018
Moments from the Journey [Prices: KDP: $1.07 CS: $5.38]

Butterflies from life’s garden [Prices: KDP: $1.07 CS $5.38]

May 2018
Waves that became songs

Melodies from moonlit nights [Prices: CS $5.38; Kin $1.07]

June 2018
Black Mist And Other Stories [Prices: Prices: CS $5.5 Kin $1.07]
Tell Me A Story [Prices: CS $11, Kin $1.07]
When The Clouds Dance [Prices: CS $5.5, Kin $1.01]
Of Dreams And Reality [Prices: CS: $5.5 Kin: $1.01]
July 2018
Sfulingo [PRICE: $1.07]
Agnidal [PRICE: $1.07]
October 2018
Createspace has merged with Kindle.
I will start removing my paperbacks from my Kindle account, they cost too much! So within March 2019 they will be removed, only the ebooks will stay behind.

Myriad colours of earth [CS $5.5; Kindle 1.07]
Wildflowers in bed of rocks [CS $5.5; Kindle $1.07]
The child of woods [CS $5.5; Kindle $1.07]

spirits of darkness and light [CS $5.5; Kindle $1.07]