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Reader Appreciation Award


wealthymatters.comI am happy to accept the Reader Appreciation Award from Nicole of NMNPHX.This is my second award from Nicole.

Thank You Nicole.It feels good to be appreciated!

Now onward to writing 7 new things about myself:

1.I love making Mithai (Indian Sweets)-The richer the better.

2.I love making pickles.I’d love to go commercial with them.

3.I love making  jams,jellies,marmalade,preserves,sauces,chutneys etc.

4.I love appalams and vadagams – small, sun-dried,deep fried side dishes.I think they raise simple meals to divine heights.

5.I collect recipes of food that survive well without refrigeration.I hate the thought of us losing them because of disuse.If any of you have some such recipes please share them with me.

6.I collect recipes using plants,vegetables,fruits,berries,forest produce,game birds and animals etc,that are no longer commonly available in markets today.Again I would love it if you can share such recipes with me.

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