1.3.14 TO 7.3.14

Thursday Blog 6.3.14

Its quite an interesting thing to observe, interesting and sad, how crooks always band together and how readily they learn from each other.

Just a few days ago, I was reading a post about the police vans of West Bengal trafficking women across the border into Bangladesh, yesterday I was watching an amazing movie, “The whistleblower”, if you have a strong heart you can try it, it was about Peace Keeping Forces trafficking women in and out of Bosnia, sorry, not women, young girls, in their teens. How they were served to not only clients, powerfuls but also soldiers too, those who went there to “protect” them, the idea might have popped from there to these copycats, or may be it has been going on for years, we have been blindfolded.

It is high time that decent people, people who want to live and let others live with peace and dignity should band together, learn from each other and watch each other’s back like these thugs do!

If they can, so can we, if we dont try now then we wont have anything to try for in future, because these thugs are using all type of things available in this world to make it a pure hell!

walk with her
Published on 5.3.14

woman in jeans

Let her walk with you,
matching her every stride,
then notice difference.


Friday Fury 7.3.14

american desert 23.2.14 2

Do you want this to be
the world surrounding you?
if no, then behave!

When I watch doom day movies, this is the thing that scares me most, to see this beautiful planet like this- without trees, birds, animals…

I dont even like to think about any chances of seeing such a sight.

But, if we human beings act the way we are acting at present, we wont need any catastrophe, we will slowly turn this earth into a desert planet.

Stripping away greenery, then paving that place with concrete. Is not it so wise!

Then, when the time comes, most probably their offsprings will try to digest that concrete as food.


pops up
Published on 12.3.14

baby fairy 1.2.2014

trust is like hope
not too easy to kill, it
just pops up its head.


Sadness and Joy

beach w wheel  15.2.14 6

sadness and joy
light and darkness, are just
wheels turning round…

Friday Fury 14.3.14

bird 2

dont they have any
right to be around
on their planet?

There was a time, when human beings respected other living beings, quite a lot of ancient cultures had the practice of worshipping them too, some of them, if not all. One of the best examples is most probably Red Indian culture, cant we learn something from them again.

Remind ourselves and increase our number as many as we can, after all, so many of us have been transformed by those who have spoken about destruction of earth, this is a feeling that has been generated by our surrounding, our readings, not instinctively. So, may be, we too should cautiously start motivating others to feel for earth, and her other children. They too have a right on this planet. We should not become monsters, robbing everyone off their rightful things.


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