Friday Fury

friday fury 28.2.14



Once upon a time Kolkata was filled with dozens of waterbodies, these days when one falls in eyes the first thought that pops up in mind is how could the owners save it from the promoters!

Is this rampant filling up of waterbodies and chopping off of trees resulting in dry weather of kolkata and maybe surrounding areas too, after all, human behaviour is same everywhere, so, they must be doing the same outside too, or maybe the weather there is not as dry as kolkata. That can be a possibility too.


Ever wonder how much inner poverty results in cruelty against beautiful things? Being a silent student I encounter this monstrous trait inside these people so rampantly.

There is a flowering plant outside my gate, that is sort of adamant kind, it tries to grow and bloom in a hostile environment. Now, there are two sets of people that work around that spot, one is a harmless old fellow who sweeps the road and cleans up the weeds, he always spares them.

Then there are another set of people, i wont give them high scores as “good” human beings, every time they show up with axe they take care that it is gone, even if it is full of flowers. 😦



Telltale signs of environment change or something sinister brewing? The olive ridley turtles that come to Orissa beaches to lay eggs did not showed up this year.



Recently I was watching a clipping in discovery or nat geo, in that a young boy chopped off the head of a snake that showed up in his backyard and was gloating over the dying animal writhing. These cameras in everyone’s hand really bring out a scary side of human beings. How monstrous we can be!

Recently a young boy was mauled to death by a tiger in Delhi when he entered his cage. A group of spectators in place of calling the authorities were busy filming it in their cameras. The sickness of these minds is really, really disturbing!


Navy has discovered a sonar equipment that can cause serious disruption in the behaviour of whales and dolphins, can cause them to harm themselves.

Of course they say they will use it cautiously.

Will they?

I wish some thing like “The day earth stood still” happen and someone will teach human beings some serious lessons starting with “They dont own earth”. They are just one species!


Every year- yes every year, Assam and Odissa suffers worst bouts of floods, flood is equivalent to destruction of crops, property and diseases.

In all these years of research, I wonder if no solution has popped up in the mind of the researchers? there have to be some solution.

There was a time when Damodar river used to wash out everything on its banks, every monsoon, then the DVC dam was built and problems got solved.

No such solutions for Assam and Odissa?

SEP 2014


Human beings dont learn much from natural tragedies. A massive mudslide killed thousands in Uttarakhand, the destruction was man-made as per the environment experts. They warned people about building home in slopes in this era of moody behaviour of earth.

But they did not paid any heed or may be they were too poor to relocate.

It is high time that governments should help these poor villagers to relocate to safer places, by relocating I dont mean ousting them from their homes. By helping them to shift their villages to safer places. These innocent people may rest on God’s benevolence but governments should know better.

Just a thought.


Why do marine animals keep showing up in too many numbers on beaches, dead, every year, this year one creature, next year another.

This year it is starfish.

One will wonder what exactly is happening under the oceans, if it is done by human beings (most probably) and what will be its net output!

Why are human beings so infuriatingly dumb?



The scientists are suspecting that by the brainless destruction of plants, animals and birds human beings are bringing forth the sixth mass level extinction.

They have ruined the biodiversity beyond repair and will pay the price.

JULY 2014


A psycho lives near the house where I am at present living, I have seen her from a distance, an older woman, psychos always target harmless creatures, she is no exception, her fancy is the small patch of nature given greenery that lies behind my kitchen.

Every time those wild plants start growing psycho goes crazy.

No, she doesnot have small children, or a family that lives in her asylum, the doors are almost always closed, so are the windows… no sign of anyone but psycho herself, so she is not worrying about her grandkids getting devourred by imaginary tigers or bitten by snakes, ants etc.

Now, knowing human beings I know they are not generous enough to bother about the wellbeing of neighbours, if they were they would not have been littering that place with garbage, when the garbage collector comes every morning to collect it.

So all I can guess that when psycho starts having the delusions she starts imagining those plants as demon army trying to rip her to pieces and goes crazy… or may be she stores them as food…

these brainless jerks should be cemented to their neck… because these jerks are the main reason behind disappearing greenery in the mass scale.


It is quite interesting how harmful arrogance can be… we human beings are the best example of this. If we observe our own point of view, we will unanimously agree that almost every human being thinks that he is best amongst the animal kingdom, living beings.

But we are the worst source of destruction and environment hazards too.

Ah we speak of stars, souls and God
looking down upon the rest of earth
feeling we are dearer to God
dearer than angels forget about rest
but we drag death, destruction
everywhere we go
we have just been born
yet we breathe death
is that following God or death?


Quite a bunch of scientists are claiming that plants can feel pain, and they exude a chemical to prove that they can feel hurt.

Being a brazen non-vegetarian I have been a bit tickled by this information.

Will this put a muzzle on those vegetarians who try to pretend we are some kind of vicious beasts and try to shove all kinds of “cruelty” to animals in farms to make us hate our non vegetarian dishes?

I hope that those scientists will come up with more proofs soon.

JUNE 2014


cat 1

Putting them to sleep
is the best we can do
some of us dont like
strays in the street
others can no longer
take the responsibilities
so one injection
and end of the story

Recently I made the mistake of clicking the like button on an animal rescue shelter’s fb page, for a week or so I suffered the agony of these dogs and cats that are put to sleep because the shelters are no longer able to maintain them, i.e. feed them.

Maybe, that is the easy way out… still… it is a little hard to digest, especially for a doglover like me.

Is that the only solution?


Is it necessary for human race
to go beyond the limit
lose too many precious things
to realize that he is destroying
everything that matters?
there are things that we should not
gamble with or play with
this precious planet
and its living beings
fall amongst them.

Ever seen those doomday movies and how the main characters look for that promised land all through it? Land free from radiation, zombies or other destructive forces that ruined the earth?

Why should things go that far? We are matured enough, are not we to mend our ways and let the earth live in place of playing dirty big games with her?


If we dont pave every extra inch of our modern homes
and in place of doing that
let a little grass grow
with some extra care may be
plant a tree or two,
or build some birdhouses for birds
wont the concrete jungle look better?

Most of the home-owner in Kolkata have a concreting fascination, they cement the spaces around their houses to avoid dirt 😦

They most probably dont think the effect it creates on environment or just dont care. Those who have done the damage are done, but those are thinking about doing it may rethink.


In the morning
when I go for my walk
I see egrets searching food
along with crows
in dustbin
when I return from walk
I see small kids
searching for saleable stuffs
in the same dustbin
sometimes I see
and it shatters my heart
a helpless man
looking for food in that garbage.
What are we doing?

The newspaper I read, “The Hindu” shared a small article about how we are forcing wild animals to look for food in dustbins by snatching away their habitats.

Are not we doing it to everyone else too? By our brainless nonchalance to our excessive population? If we control population firmly half of the problems will solve, and if we keep increasing it, when we will reach 10 billion the world will not be enough for us, we will start eating each other.

MAY 2014


slowly we are making earth barren
it was a toil, a nuisance
to keep the ground free from grass
and all sorts of weeds
that popped up after every rain
that was too frequent
sometimes one called the clouds names
now rain is scarce
scarcer are those adamant green heads
subdued by constant poisoning
of unhealthy wastes
and too much absense of life giving rain.

Those of you who have gardens know how tough it is to clean up the gardens in rainy climates. We had to hire people to clean up after monsoons, so we could maintain the garden. Even then it was quite arduous a task.

In Kolkata, must be because of too much concrete and the regular mixing of that cement and other wastes in the soil the fertility is very low. I sometimes feel happy when I see a patch of grass 🙂

The sparse growth of weeds on sides of roads will remind you of hair in a toddler’s head, too thin and too little 🙂

I often try to guess the reasons, this is the reason I could guess.. could it be the right one?


little sparrows
once a pest
raiding the seedbeds
having a hearty dustbath
just when the seedlings
were popping up
now they are almost gone
the microwave towers
and cellphone radiowaves
scarcity of food
and nesting place
slowly their sweet shrill chirp
will become a thing of past.

I never thought the world will run out of sparrows and crows. But that is what has happened in Kolkata, it has finally succeeded into shooing away two birds that were glued to human dwellings.

Well, if you live in your own house, or your neighbours/landlord wont object you can leave water and food for them in pots, but beware of cats. try to hang them from some place, which will be reachable to winged creatures but out of reach of cats or other predators.


Honk… honk… honk
monkey or moron
grabbing the steering wheel
who cares the road is deserted?
who gives a hoot if it is midnight?
Its my vehicle, so I will do
whatever I please.
Who gives a hoot if a patient is dying?
a baby is crying?
a tired man is trying to sleep?
its my vehicle I will do what i please!

This is the mentality of Indian drivers- educated, uneducated, rich, poor… almost everyone of them. Where are their manners? I remember when my uncle used to drive car he drove cautiously, and horn was used with utmost decency. When I rode my scooter I drove it very cautiously and rather preferred brake over horn, and selected a horn that wont blow the eardrums of others.

The health experts are showing great concern over these morons and their brazen disregard to decent behaviour. In the end, something depends on your own upbringing- this is one of them. If you dont know manners, you dont know…


They came into being
to carry life, water
pure and sweet
in their body
holding raindrops
they journeyed to the sea
quenching the thirst of
living beings in their path
chemical and human waste
poisoned that nectar
slowly the garbage dumped
choked their spirit
some are almost gone
others are striving hard
rivers of India
crying out to men.

The level of poison in most of the rivers of India is scary, it is effecting the environment of their banks and the creatures that dwell inside them. When will common people and governments wake up and take serious steps? West Bengal government has taken a great step recently, controlling the immersion of idols in the Ganges. They promised another thing but forgot- the restoration of the Adiganga (The actual body of Ganges in west bengal), we will do better if they clean it up 🙂


A little sacrifice
a little more love
is what we need
to heal this earth
the damage is done
but can be healed
you have pushed yourself
to that brink
where precipice is lurking
baring its fangs
ready to devour
if you dont step back

It’s seriously the time when we should start thinking about alternate, harmless forms of energy. By “we” I mean governments. Because they are responsible for the nation and they should be leading the path. If they dont change, the chances of change are quite slim.

Watch the movie “an inconvenient truth” if you can.



If man can fly away
to a fresh new world
what do you think will happen?
will he become a part of that
a harmonious being
after learning his lessons here
he wont meddle with that planet
let it be, let it stay pure, unspoiled?

I was watching a movie pandorum, in its end the earthlings landed in a new planet, it seemed uncorrupted with lots of other life forms. Earth was destroyed, reason not told.

The thing that comes to my mind is will they respect that God has given them another chance? Wishful thinking me says the earth is intact, even then, they wont be able to come back from that new planet, so we can say it is their second chance, will they respect that or ruin it? What do you think?


Life was rough
for hours we stalked, waited
then after a real skillful hunt
we could get our prey
then there were so many mouths..
then they came
in dozens and dozens
unlike a deer or zebra
they did not ran when we roared
easy meat
alas! the joy did not last
we were branded monsters
and our whole population
almost wiped out
the lands where we roamed
are now their cattle ground
we perish, they alone survive
and they call us bloodthirsty monsters

I love the movie “The ghost and the darkness”, it is the story of two man-eater lions that terrorized a railway bridge building company’s workers.

They did tried to say that they were evil, but no matter how hard I try I feel sad for the men they devoured but feel equally sad when those two majestic creatures were gunned down.

They were just hungry creatures who went for the easy kill. Why label them?

On a wicked thought, it would have been nice though if they were actually evil and more of them became so… that would have brought some balance to man:other living beings ratio.


whale 16.3.14 3

Human beings just look for an excuse to kill other species, one of the most harmed is most probably whales, because they dont calve every year, its time to protest, like some of the countries are stopping whalers to kill whales in their marine territories.

It is a good started, and I think it should be banned in international water too.

friday fury 4.4.14


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