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Her father could barely manage two times of meals for so many mouths, that included four daughters, then fate added further misery. He died all of a sudden. She was nine, her older sister ten, the younger ones five and three. They had two brothers, they were still too young to take up their father’s profession, priesthood, so the family starved and begged from neighbours for survival.

Well that managed eating somehow but what about marriage? Even though they were semi-starving that did not spared their mother from her “duties to the society”, she had to marry her daughters off before they were eleven.

Then her elder sister was married off to a old man, he married her, collected cash for that and other items, but left her behind, he did not had a home to take his bride to, he lived in the homes of his more than seventy wives, in rotation, and as a result of that “living” he made her sister a mother, two more hungry mouths added up in the already huge household before he too died accidentally.

She was a bit luckier because she was very beautiful, a septugenarian she called “grandfather” married her, he was feeling lonely after his fourth wife died in cholera. Some of his grandkids were older than her, but at-least he was affluent, and she was able to help her family with his consent.


It was her time to play with dolls. But one dawn she was scooped out of bed by her mother and settled down for hours of religious ceremonies. In the evening she was decked up like her dolls and wedded off to a boy.

Few years later she was playing with a doll, a live one, that was the first one.

Her friends of other castes were mostly still in their parent’s homes, unmarried, but she had to go through this because if she crossed nine or ten years of her life in her parent’s home without getting married, she will bring down curse upon them.

That was the price of being “high caste” woman.


When atrocities against women of scheduled caste or tribe happens people often mistake it as a simple abuse of “Caste system”, but I personally think it is the eternal exploitation of women by the society. They just prey on vulnerable ones, the more vulnerable the better.

People may live under the confusion that the brahmin women were much better off than their SC/ST sisters but that is one joke! believe me!

The women of so called higher caste has faced the worst brunt of caste system before things changed only a century ago.

well, will share some stories of my ancestor womens in the rest of this month. So that you too can guess their horrible plights.



What is society’s problem with young and beautiful girls? Why are they so vicious toward them? Recently two incidents made me think about it.

Shahrukh Khan danced with a young police woman a few months back, and that caused a furore. Honestly I think I a vicious critic of Indian police but when I saw that pic I had the laugh of the day, the only picture that flashed my mind was Jim Carrey singing “cuban pete” in mask, when he was dancing with the cop πŸ™‚

That girl was a young girl and Shahrukh Khan is a megastar, most probably she is fan of Shahrukh, so when he asked her to dance she danced, what is wrong in that? nothing! If she had lathi-charged fans I would have called that wrong!

Another one was in a recent sleaze racket busting an ex child actress was caught, at first cops said she was caught soliciting then they said that someone was lying about that… well one thing for sure, knowing Indian cops people will always think she or her powerful clients bribed her way through.

A lot of models and actresses do this as part-time income, many have been caught before, and most probably many will be, so what is the use of brewing a storm in tea cup?


I have always wondered why journalists love to stick dagger in the backs/chests (every possible place) of rich and famous.

Suddenly a possible explanation flashed in mind, I was reading one nameless, fameless journalist gloating, no I am not exaggerating, he was actually gloating over Vishwanathan Anand’s defeat in the second game, at first I felt aghast, how could an Indian write such a thing, joy was dripping from every word of that **** then the answer flashed, how do these people feel when they are following/stalking these people and no one gives them a hoot and croons over these celebs? It must be painful and if happens for too many years they can become bitterly envious! So when they get a chance out comes that poison or bitterness. 😦

It is sad how shadow always follows light and jealousy always followes achievers.

Do you think I am right?


There is a term in bengali “Nyaka chaitanya” that means a person whose lies are over the board and all the time that person feigns to be as innocent as one can be, s/he is totally caught, even a stupid will be able to know that s/he is lying still that person feigns innocence.

Well, recently when I read about “Kiss of love or kiss jehad or love jehad” whatever the name of that stupid campaign is has been launched in bengal. The idea of this campaign is to save lovers from moral policing so they kiss in public.


I get the rainbow parade, and I get it when students, intellectuals protest police entrance in college/university but THIS ONE IS TOO MUCH OF NYAKA CHAITANYA GIRI Bengali parents almost never interfere in the love life of their kids, and cops too mostly squeeze out some bribe when the lovers are doing something they should not do in public! Things for which there are hotel rooms. come on! those hotel owners too have to earn their breads!


“Kick and treat” works fine with dogs and people with such nature. Too desperate for affection of someone or as divine justice, wolf disguised as dog, waiting for the chance to devour the feet that so loves to kick others.

If you are looking for actual friendship, love, relationship, dont apply this theory. Even if you feel like kicking your friend etc. or mocking, taunting him- don’t, burst with rage, anger, call him names but dont do anything insulting, esp behind his back. Once you have done it, and are caught in the act, you should look for other friends unless you have a strong alibi and are ready to directly apologise, even then….

the time that once gone is gone
it never returns
the flowers that fade
fade forever
they never bloom again
even though spring comes and goes
thousands of times.
Suspicion is a poison that kills
relationships and love
dont let it make its nest in your heart
dont let those friends walk away
who you will mourn later
stop them before its too late
no matter how many love letters you send
when you realize your fault
they wont return.

The poem is almost exact translation of a hindi movie song I love, have always loved and will always love, I will have to search that song and will share the full translation later. sorry πŸ™‚

But this songs tells a lot about “treating your loved ones”.



Recently I was watching a Hindi movie, a remake of an english movie. The thing that surprised me and saddened me was how the absolutely normal and quite dumb American girl was changed into coy, virtuous, a little querelus Indian girl. Who was quite a natural flirt though… As far as I know about virtuous girls, who has never been kissed type of girls are not at all good flirts, that is where they get beaten by flirts-boys or girls!

As for the gentle, caring, respectful macho hero of Hollywood was replaced by a egoistic almost abusive Indian man, who was almost on the verge of abusing the heroine every now and then.

It is a sad representation of a society for sure.

West Bengal, the area in which I live always holds women quite high. It really ticks me off when in the name of machoism Bolly heroes flex their muscles on women, esp. heroines.

This is one of the reasons I avoid Hindi movies, by the time I am half way through them I have a deep urge to kill someone!


Television sure can influence us a lot, for better or for worse. I have been watching a lot national geographic and discovery lately and that has convinced me one thing, that I was right all along that most of us live a blessed life.

We often allow our heart or circumstances to think otherwise (think about the superstar commiting suicide or unemployed man ending his life) but at the end human life is far easier than other animals in this world. Boy we live like kings and queens πŸ™‚


Half knowledge is worst poison for one and others. Mostly with half knowledge comes the arrogance “I know everything, or enough, or too much.” and that is truly poisonous.

Recently I was watching a movie based on real life incident, about some teenagers who picked up celebrties and stole their things as they were away on trips.

The two dialogues that will stay with me are the one that the only boy of that gang said, he said after he was arrested someone created a fanpage in his name and that fanpage had millions of likes. Creepy, eh? The good thing was that he was not impressed by that, he said that the modern society like bonnies or clydes over normal, well behaved teenagers.

The second one was made by a girl of that group, the role was played by Emma watson (hermione of harry potter), she chanted some dialogues from Hinduism, words uttered by sages and claimed to be one of them! Oh boy! that really made the hair on my nape rise. When these people babble the words of these sages do they even realize who they are aping? These sages mostly ate once/twice a day, had only two clothes (sometimes one) and lived their lives meditating- not stealing from other people! not drinking bottles of booze, getting high on drugs.

Boy! oh boy! it was really two solid mouthfuls from one single movie. πŸ™‚

The name of the movie is most probably bling ring.



Just a suggestion to movie stars who become politicans.

They should hire intelligent people to write their speeches. Should blindly follow that piece of paper like they used to follow the dialogues written by writers.

They may be ace actors but they forget that they have been in the limelight before, that is why the politicians leech on them, their past glory is what the politicians look for and that past glory means they have been devoured by their fans and media.

Recently some of them are talking too much.

number one, even though he has gained quite notoriety by being accused of being totally involved in some arms deal made a few decades ago after wearing saffron robe is preaching us, the lesser mortals about loving the country. in your way? i hope not!

nuber two, after earning all her money in mumbai, even though she belongs to southern india i believe is telling the hapless widows of bihar and bengal and all other states to stay in their own states and the temples thereof and not throng in Mathura, Vrindavan. Milady, these hapless women dont go there to make money, they go their to get their savior in Lord Krishna, you should be ashamed of yourself or maybe, as a remorse, you can return every dime you earned in Mumbai and donate that money to these hapless women? they will be able to live a decent life wherever you will decide πŸ™‚

just a suggestion for you and everyone like you nautanki, that is, theatrics is good for reels not in real life. Dont hurt those who has been hurt already, too much by selfish people.


Feeling blessed is totally one’s own choice I think, I have started to think quite sincerely lately. There are two types of people, one who dont have any complaint against God, even if they are total failure in worldly means and there are those who have only complaints against God, sometimes justified sometimes not.

I never expected God to pluck stars for me. Actually I rather believed in doing my bits in my own ways but when real trouble found me God appeared out of nowhere and kept me sane. So no matter how hard I try I wont be able to complain against Gods like so many people I hear, especially if i listen to spiritual songs called bhajans, boy they are legendary sadhaks yet all they have against God is complaints!


If you are honest then you will admit some parents are true nightmares to live with, so are some children, human beings are never perfect so those who create such a huge group of people of various nature and ways of thinking and then try to brand them, categorize them are really, really insane I think.

But, even if your parents/kids are not perfect how far can you go to change them? There should be a limit, limit of decency and humanity.

If your kids are nightmare you can simply dish them out the rules they will follow if they are to live in your household, dependent on you. If they just are not the type you hope then you should let them move on after they become adult.

Like them, parents too, some are really something, if yours are like that, you can walk away, but unfortunately in India they are usually thrown out of their own houses, the son/daughters/daughter in laws form an unholy nexus and the old couple is out of the home they have built.

In the end, it is really a brilliant idea for both- parents and kids to know their limits and try to last together. In today’s world, mostly you can count on your family members especially parents when things go real bad. Unless of-course your family members are real psychos. If you look around you will see, siblings, friends, spouses betray more than parents. I wish I could say the same about kids!

In the end, you cant blame one party totally (barring some cases) so both parties can behave and try to stick together. There is nothing like a family where three generations live under the same roof. πŸ™‚


The recent trend of Indian kids dumping their parents in old homes is a sorry story for sure. But it is a reminder that the senior citizens should introspect.

Maybe they are collectively lowering their image too much and losing the respect altogether. Honestly, when I was a teenager I used to hear from women in their thirties that older men are the worst predators, and with age and experience I realized that is very applicable to Indian men.

When they are young they are deprived of their natural instincts, they are not allowed to flirt, love, romance so when they grow old and realize that they are about to die they go cuckoo I think.

If they use youth to exploit (because their own youth was exploited) then sooner or later they will become hostile.

If you look around yourself, you will see that youth really does not have much say, no control over anything, they know quite a lot, are quite intelligent, more than that full of enthuciasm yet they are choked by people who should retire (you can compare modi with rahul gandhi for eg). India would have never elected Obama, would have said “he is too young”.

So, when customs are slowly getting shaky with too much testing it is but natural the youth will flex muscle and seek independence, the only problem is throwing away your parents is not the right thing unless they are too abusive, you can try to replace your boss in place of that πŸ™‚



I sometimes wonder, I know I have seen the corruption of India up close, more than some, but not more than majority, that is why when Independence day or Republic Day comes I wonder if these are the hoodwinks or actual celebrations.

What is there to celebrate in Independence day? India is more than five thousand years old, I am talking about recorded cultured India, vedas were written round about five thousand years ago I believe. So what is all this bruahaha about a slavery of 200 years? It should be remembered with shame how a tiny country’s fistful men used our own differences against us for two hundred years.

Republic? ahem! we may be better than some of our neighbours, and some other countries through out the world. But we dear sir are not exactly “of the people, by the people and certainly not for the people.” πŸ™‚

So in place of celebrating these with gusto try to make the country corruption free, that will be more enjoyable.


Patriotism is not only about buying country made things- its also about manufacturing the best products.

Patriotism is not at all about praising your country till your eyes bulge out, it is about making your country praiseworthy by your own actions.

Patriotims is not at all about hiding your country’s faults, bad things, it is about admitting them and either trying to rectify them or else shun them.

Patriotism is about your country πŸ™‚ you can totally loathe your countrymen but love your country.


Lot of my friends all over the social medias express their bewilderment over methodical hacking. I am a very ordinary person, without anything to steal from, yet, just because I picked up sword against the muck of the society I have been facing it for years.

They just have to sniff it out that I am trying something and they show up there, my passwords keep changing, accounts get inaccessible, mails dont show up, phonecalls dont reach, smses dont come… lately they have lost the mojo or after the government change their funds must have gone down so i can feel their net loosening. Even then, someone hacked into my smashword account right after i shared my interview in facebook and wordpress.

Those who are scared of hacking should know one thing, you cant stop them, if they are determined they will hack into your account.

All you can do is keep a close eye on your accounts, for every discrepancy and ask others if they are going through these too. If not they report to the website admin.

Recently a news was published in the local newspapers here, about a government (I have forgotten which country) has sold these spywares after developing them with public money to open market, so this is what I will call make a man buy a stick and then break his legs with that stick!

so, privacy on this hi-tech world is the greatest illusion. Better be careful about your hard earned money and creations.


Why do Indian politicians provoke people to become terrorists and maoists and naxalites and so on…?

When the tribals were just tribals they were starving to death, no one cared, no one gave a hoot, when media published story after story the politicians licking their forks dipped in delicacies said they were lies. Then came the maoists… and now they are being pampered, bribed.

The workers of closed tea gardens are starving… they are starving to death… but as for Indian politicians you should see their wardrobes! Heaven forbid, if ULFA starts gathering them up, the politicians will come out of their slumber… right now, they are too busy to distribute the food grains that once in regular while gets thrown away after being destroyed to hungry, dying people.

No wonder the extremists too gauge their mentality and prefer extremism, only effective way of being pampered these days.

JULY 2014


In that planet human being will live in total harmony with nature. No wild animal or bird will be afraid of human beings. They will walk with human beings without fear, like they walk with other living creatures on earth.

Would not that be beautiful?

I will love to see that, human beings wont have to build cages to capture animals, all they will have to do is reach out and cuddle them.

Human beings will act like a creature with a conscience is supposed to act.


In my new world men will be finally cured from the idiotic notion that they are the superior or better of the two genders.

In that world men and women will live in harmony, will live like they are supposed to, two essential parts of human civilization. Equally beautiful and precious.

Women will have full right on her body and no woman will ever be exploited in that world, nor men. Women will be as safe as men are in that world.

They could go anywhere, live anywhere on their own, at any hour of day and men will act like human beings.


If I could get totally irrational, then in my dreamworld there would not have been a single drop of tears in the eye of a single child… now that is extreme. So in my dream world, every child will come to the earth only when their parents have hearts full of love for them and the means to take care of their basic needs.

There wont be a single child in that world who will feel neglected or abused in any way.

No child will go to sleep with empty tummy, tear in eyes or despair/fear in heart.

Every child deserves a steady life till he or she is atleast seventeen or eighteen years old- boys and girls.


The second episode start in that planet of-course, because whether I like it or not I will have to go with the human beings.

The first sense I will love to instill in the human beings there is the virtue of population control.

To give birth to as little new beings as possible.

We have caused one of the greatest harm to environment by slicing down natural death but maintaining the natural birth (breeding?) rate, so acting like animals in a farm….


If I get the power to do whatever I wish… what will I do first? I will make Mars habitable an send every human being there, so that animals can survive in earth.

This month I am planning to change the mood of my blog a bit, in place of the things that make me angry I will share somethings I will love to do if I can.

Would not it be great if human beings lived away from other animals and birds of this glorious planet? Now honestly speaking human beings are suicidal… they can pull the plug any time, the thing that hurts me most is all the birds, animals and other living beings that will die because of their selfishness. But I dont hate human beings that much, majority of them are good, lovable. So if any superpower is listening, he or she may contemplate about granting me my wish before human beings may actually do something really stupid.

What do you think about my wish?

JUNE 2014


Facebook is truly infested with hackers, and they are the most pathetic breed in the world I believe, recently a woman from Kolkata popped up in my messsage box, asking if she can send me a friendship request, I made the mistake of allowing her, the instant she got the request she started to ask me twenty questions, that went on, and all of a sudden I realized that I was sending her invitations from every private group I have joined.

Most probably that pathetic leech was looking for my writings, which, there are none, I only share the things already published in wp in fb, and courtsey to other leeches like her I dont save anything in my computer’s hard-disc. Still these greedy leeches keep bothering me. I was thinking that I will change my woman on moon pic with a few lines (written below), what do you say?

1. Dont hack into my computer, I dont do any economic transactions from here.

2. I dont keep any of my works here.

3. I am not looking for relatives, lovers or people I can flirt with in fb (I actually despise flirts) and I am too old, too smart and smug to be interested in anyone who will not first capture my brain and heart, so dont waste my time with sweet nothings… unless you are actually a sweet person and mean every word you say (there are quite a few of these category).

4. Dont try to shove your views down my throat, I will block you if you bother me too much.

Do you everr feel this strong urge? Anything you will love to add in yours?


I fall in that category of people, quite a huge percentage I believe that believes that any life-loss without reason is destruction of a thing you cant create.

So I feel sad for soldiers of both sides, I feel sorry for the victims and murderers (When they get the capital punishment).

I belive human beings require some serious moral teachings and the society too should be forced to act decently in total for the initial stage, till these decent human beings take the control.

I believe human beings too can be trained, after all armies all over the world show us every day, if they can be trained to become robots, who will sacrifice everything for a dumb cause for an ungrateful society then normal people too can be trained to behave themselves. Most people lose their humanity when the world convinces them that it is a cat eating cat world outside, even then, they take a long time before giving in. So if the society is taught to obey laws people will automatically feel better.

We will have to start with offices- that is the place which brings out the worst in human beings, far worse side than battlefield’s warriors. πŸ™‚


I belong to that group of Indians who are proud to be the daughter of a country which has embraced every religion, which has offered home to every wanderer who has crossed her borders.

Somehow the flexing muscles of a party which I think was totally responsible for too many Hindu Muslim riots, and death in name of both religions by destroying Babri Mosque (without any reason, only for political leverage, or may be to instigate the riots) in West Bengal is little depressing. It is really sad to know that under all the modern blabberings Indians in general still love to kill each other for “****” or else that party would not have had any foothold here, or may be our ex-comrades, the worst disease of West Bengal knowing that they can no longer ruin the state by their own are inviting their fanatic brothers, promising them full support, after all they are two sides of one coin, one does everything hiding behind the “common people” the other behind “Ramrajya”.

I hope this poisonous union wont breed its offsprings here, in this state. But, after the results of previous election I have stopped giving Indians any chance to make me feel like a fool.

All I can do and will do is pray that these butchers united is not our next government.


Indian democracy has been reduced to a joke by its power-hungry politicians, the most corrupted band of people in the whole country I believe, look at their biodatas and you will see, murderers, perverts, mafias… one will wonder what are they doing out of jail.

You will find all kinds of criminal profiles, who after being almost proved guilty all of a sudden get clean chit, why? because the cases stretch on and on for decades and all the time the suspects roam free with all their power and their witnesses start changing their minds.

India should never have gone for multiple party system to start with, it should have been a two party system in the center, because that would have kept the number of wolves limited and they would have had to prove something to get vote. But if there was two party system the politicians would have had to earn it… so …. whereas now, a party that earns 31% vote can loot the country for full five years.

It is true that Indian democracy is better off than quite a few other democracies but that is no longer enough. If a country can not provide its public to chose the best party for itself then that country’s politicians need a massive eradication from the political arena, Indians dont chose the “best” party, they are forced to chose the “better amongst worst”, how can these people have this audacity?

I personally think there are two reasons- in general Indians are corrupted so they want a thief, who will ignore their ways of earning money, after all, if the government becomes actually honest what will happen to black money, bribe, illegal businesses etc. etc.

The second one is of-course controlling the totally ignorant masses, people who think they should serve the politicians, not the actual truth, that politicians earn a huge salary to serve them.

I wonder after the present result if Indians actually deserve a decent government or they just elect someone like majority of themselves are hypocrites dipped deep in sin, preaching about dharma.

MAY 2014


There is one thing I feel very funny about Indian businessmen is their tendency to pump of patriotism to sell their stuffs. When foreign goods were not available in India the quality of Indian goods were horrible! Then the foreign goods arrived and their qualities shot up. That meant only one thing, till date they were deliberately selling inferior quality goods because they knew they will get away with it, because there were no competitors. When competition showed up they instantly started to perform.

The business mentality of majority Indian business houses is horrible, in place of improving their performance and service they invest their energy to advertise and fool.

Starting from small businessmen aka the grocery shop owners to the big business houses, the disease is quite well-spread. Their motto of business is you will have to buy what we sell you. You may not like it, it may not suit your needs, it may be inferior, it may not be worth your penny but you will have to buy it because you dont have any other choice. Some examples-

1. Recently I stumbled upon a website that offers doorstep delivery of books, I checked their library and calculated that it will be better to buy the books instead of renting them for such whopping fees. So I asked the lady handling the department the total cost of a list of books, am still waiting for her answer… most of the people will dump that site and buy from some place else- fantastic sense of business, right?

2. A grocery shop I used to try because it was a few steps away from my previous residence, the owner walked around like a zombie, in slow motion, and every thing I asked for, well he never had them, half of them were not totally available, the other half were available but in other brands, now brand does means something especially when it comes to edible things or things that will directly effect your health. I often had a urge to ask him why did he bothered to open that shop….

3. The guy who sold me the plants, pots and soil, he was trying to sell me off everything he had but i bought only a few things, pots, soil and fertilizer. He robbed me like a ghoul, I knew that but I am really sloppy in bargaining. Now, I can see that the soil he gave me and the fertilizer- both must be full of toxic waste πŸ™‚ because the plants died real soon and the soil is absolutely barren- not even grass grows in them. I am trying to punch up vegetable peelings to give it a little life … now, this is his business mentality, if someone trusts you, does not knows the rope rob that person from every possible angle! Then go back home because you could rob one person of a lot of money, who cares if no one else buys from you…. you robbed one person and that is how business dealings are done.

4. More than a dozen dress sellers in my locality, I went out to buy some summer wears, to be precise a few noodle strap tops, I visited half a dozen shops, in name of summer wear they had half sleeve, full sleeve gowns and tops made of most uncomfortable fabrics. this is what happens when men rule the world of garments meant for women. Who cares about their comfort? Men dont have to wear tops, they can strut around topless…

The gist is I hate Indian businessmen and their ways of serving customers.


Recently during a political campaign a blabbermouth cracked a remark, that somehow displayed the mindset of so many people all over the world, a mindset that I utterly detest.

He said that if a certain political leader married a scheduled caste or tribed girl he would have become the prime minister of India. Now, that leader often spends time in villages, sometimes with scheduled caste famillies, tells that it helps him to understand their problems.

So, that braggart wants to say that to prove that we dont believe in caste system we will have to marry outside our castes? So if someone believes in gay marriages, he or she will have to become one too? If someone believes in equality of all living beings he will have to marry a baboon to prove that? Simple showing them that respect, accepting them as they are is not enough? He will have to share his marital bed with that creature or being to prove he does not thinks them inferior? Very bizarre mindset for sure.

I personally believe that marriage is very special relationship and it should be done as per one’s own choice, no one has any rights to say a single word about it, not even the person one wants to marry, all that person can do is not agree- that’s all πŸ™‚

Do you think that to show that you actually dont believe in racism, caste system etc. you will have to MARRY someone who does not belongs to your race or caste?


Why do people trail those who wont have anything in common with them? They wont even look at them? Or worse, openly express their hatred to them?

Such a pair, for some reason unknown to me, glued to each other trail me in my blogs. I dont know their gender or real names but I know they are Indians, even though they change colour like chameleons. I have no idea if they are husband and wife, lovers or users of same computer in some office (the last part can be quite possible- I used to work in an office, a garment factory, the computers were bizarre there, I used to have endless time in my hand, the bosses rarely showed up, and when they did they had very little task, so i picked up the bad habit of chatting with my close friends and blogging, that is, I used to access my emails and MSN’s reader’s archive from their office, the first telltale signs of interference were the webpages used to get refreshed only when they were in office or factory. At first I did not realized but then after reading some articles I realized that most probably they had a dummy computer in the office and the actual server was somewhere inside, they used to monitor the things in their office computer, soon other strange things started to show up too, my mails started to get siphoned- the reason I stopped using gmail- so this pair can be that category too, an educated employee and his not so educated boss who loves to snoop in his accounts and have fun with his friends).

This guy has a tell-tale sign, mostly he is a father of two kids, very educated and fluent in english, and well behaved, then boom, for a few days his english, his character and his behaviour zooms back to cave age. Forcing me to get rid of him. Then he pops back again using another name… Sometimes I have an uneasy feeling that a lunatic is obsessed by me. I use a single name so it is quite easy for that cuckoo to track me down, but he too wants me to know that it is him, yet feigns not to be, so he uses different name but similar characteristics then his alter ego or disgruntled lover, wife or boss shows up to screw up the chats.

Do you have any wild guesses about this lunatic duo?


I have always believed and hoped for a single, short and happy life. After reading so many stories, watching so many movies about the same concept, man’s hunger for immortality and youth forever, and the things he or she is ready to do for it have always swooshed above my head.

Now, I will humbly contradict to those who think my existence is so miserable that I want to end it short, to the contrary, I have had my share (may be more) than rough waves but I know how to conquer them with a grin, so I live quite a happy life, much more than most of the people who openly share to me how painful their existence is. So, in the gist, after living quite a happy life I dont mind dying before crossing fifty, or may be at the maximum 55. I cant even imagine the joy that I may derive if i live for a couple of centuries…may be, if my age had frozen when I was in my twenties, and stayed that way I might have thinked about it, but, every commodity has its price, right? I certainly am not a believer of freebies. Sorry.

So I believe in aging with grace and joy and closing my eyes before I am crippled. Or better, wham bam slam one fine day or night wake up hovering beside my mortal body, ahem, I dont believe in ghosts or afterlife.

So just closing my eyes and never waking up again… will be more like me.


There was a time when women were expected to add twenty years extra to their age, so that they become morose enough to slave in homes, bring up the kids while men had their everlasting youth, chasing skirts. Then with education women started to realize they dont become a old grandma after crossing twenties. So they started acting their age. Now is a bizarre age, when people try to pretend to be younger than they are, and they sometimes end up as ridiculous trying that. I am talking about Indians, in a huge huge percentage, I am an avid watcher of hollywood movies so I have noticed that for some reason their actors dont hide their ages. They proudly boast their age. Actually I was quite heartbroken when I first came to know Pierce Brosnan and Richard Clayderman’s ages (the latter is a legendary piano player, but celebrity anyway).

Indian celebrities on the other way, oh boy! they do make us laugh like hyenas, women and men I have seen acting since eternity claim to be in their forties and thirties… are they stupid or crazy? They have proofs all over the silver screen that they were thirty twenty years ago, so how come they are twenty now?

Why are common people scared to hide their own age? I meet people every now and then, who look forty but without least hesitation address someone of their age or a year or two older as uncle or aunty. This is one thing I have always find ticklish and a tad annoying too. Because, after all, no girl will like to be called aunty by someone who is older than her πŸ™‚ but being born in an aristocratic family does have its disadvantages, you learn very soon about social steps, you know that its an indirect way of showing respect, telling you that you are one step higher than them. So, I never grumbled, because they truly respected us too. Will these old babies do the same too? When they call someone their age uncle or aunty, do they give them that respect too or just pretend to be PYT?



Even though democracy is our best option, but I am a bit bored with their lie flood, that rushes forth the spillgates during elections.

I have a little list, which I believe public should make mandatory for wannabe ministers to share, add yours please.

1. Any man/woman who has been charged with criminal, illegal activities and proved by court will not be allowed to stand in election (Well Indian politicians will make their wives stand, and then control them from background but… atleast a little decorum).

2. Before every election, the commitments that parties make will be recorded and signed, and they will have to explain what happened to their commitments of previous election- in written, so that mango public of this banana republic may get a grip, how much they keep their promises.

3. They will have to travel by public transports or they can buy their own cars and pay the bills. No government money will be wasted in upkeeping of a special group of “public servants”, they are paid a huge amount as salary (we can ignore the bribe part).

4. The money spent on their security should be utilized on building a night patrol on every big town. They can hire bodyguards like moviestars do! Dont they?


I once read in a book that people with powerful enemies should avoid cowards or weak people, people who are easy to bend like plague.

It certainly is quite true if we study deeply, almost every powerful person has been brought down by a weak friend, how many examples will one want. Sometimes they have been threatened, sometimes bought. But, at the end, if that powerful person kept his distance- he would have been safe.

What do you think?

I personally prefer people who are not too scared to face reality, real life, even if they have commited a blunder or two in life.


People who has been through bad times try to forget that phase, but those around them try their level best to keep reminding them.

How and why can they do it? Simple, they give importance to the opinion of those persons. In life, when you have suffered you will see that if times are really bad, you suffer alone, and those who stay with you during that phase dont preach.

People who disappear with dark clouds are the one who preach most, or the ones who slam doors on your face.. So, why give any importance to their words?

In the beginning it will hurt, but with time and practice their words will be absolutely useless.


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