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Thursday Blog 16.1.20

ten bad lessons I have learned from horror movies-

1. If someone knocks your door at the middle of night, you turn out the porch light and see a man or a woman standing there visibly in distress don’t open the door. Even if he or she is bleeding. He or she will certainly be a psychopath or supernatural being, in gist your death.
2. If you are driving down a highway and you see someone lying on the middle of the road don’t drive over him or her but don’t stop either. s/he again will certainly be your death.
3. If you are driving down a highway and someone asks for a lift, don’t give it, just drive by, don’t even stop if possible, unless of course you want to die a gruesome death.
4. If you rescue a damsel in distress babbling something about a monster or psychopath chasing her, brace yourself because you are about to die the most horrible death. Nothing can save you.
5. Don’t pine, mourn too much for someone who has passed away. S/he may come back as a zombie, vampire or worse!
6. Never ever rent a house or worse buy one in a deserted place, no matter how scenic the surroundings are or how much you love solitude. You are absolutely inviting death in hands of psychopaths or malevolent entities.
7. Never go to camps. Anywhere at all- woods, mountains, beaches… they are infested with malevolent entities or psychopaths.
8. Never buy a property at a dream rate, even if its owner is selling it due to financial trouble, s/he is hiding the reality, it is haunted by demons or worse.
9. Try not to buy a house with basement or attic, if you do, do have it checked by paranormal investigators, and if you smell tail of a rat vacate the house.
10. If you have survived an accident just because you had a hunch, or a friend, loved one had a hunch kill yourself or else you will die a worse, far worse death.