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of dreams and reality poem 5

BOOK 19 of dreams and reality TS 7x10

Wandering alone in dusk, in a forest
I came down from my horse for a rest
Gently I laid my tired body under a tree.
My head resting on its trunk, my steed grazing free.

Suddenly I noticed some movement beside me
I turned my face for a closer look
I saw a heap of ash stirring mysteriously
In front of my eyes it started to change.

I jolted up to sit straight and stare
It took the form of a golden bird
A golden bird with wings of fire
Deep mysterious black eyes.

Gently it flew and sat up on a branch
And addressed to me in human tongue,
“I rebuild myself from my own ashes
So should you my friend!”

8.07.09, Garia, Kolkata