Thursday Blog 26.4.12

Sometimes whip talks better
Than moral education
Especially when you are dealing
With highly educated vultures
Those that snatches the bones
Of living people
Just because they can

This is one of the greatest blotches on India, mismanagement in government medical facilities.

Most of the government doctors use government hospitals to trap patients for their private nursing homes. The medicine supplied by government is mostly siphoned out of stores to be sold out in market, same thing happens to the food supplied by government or the money for that purpose.

Thus, officially government throws its hands and says we tried, the medical professionals roll their eyes and say we did not received any thing, the grass that suffers under the feet of these two elephants is huge majority of Indian population- these people can’t afford two times of square meal forget about the luxury of treatment in private nursing homes.

So they ruin their health further by sleeping on dirty floor, sharing bed with a patient of contagious disease, ill treatment, late treatment, wrong treatment … and heaven only knows what else!

This nightmare just goes on.

Anyone who has had the misfortune of visiting government hospitals will never forget the stench no matter how brief that visit is. Forget about the hygiene or sanitary condition, you may have nightmares if you are a cleanliness freak.

When government provides everything then why is it not using iron fist to crush those who abuse this noble profession? It should deliver such exemplary punishments to these monsters that kill people to fill their bank accounts. Government pays enough salary to its doctors to take care of their families, it’s not like army men or police men who are outrageously underpaid. My father was a doctor and he was provided enough to take care of his half a dozen children and wife.

Sometimes whip talks better than preaching.