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Thursday Blog 3.5.12

India and Japan- One is blessed with abundant fertile land, the other is cursed with abundant hostilities from nature.

The former has let all its advantages go in vain, the latter has made the atrocities bow their head and retreat.

India had good potentials to become a modern country with its root deeply dug in its heritage- agriculture. But the small loopholes became abyss due to negligence and nonchalance. Now the children of farmers too rush to towns to toil under someone else, whereas they might have had every potential back at home if the administration was strong, reliable.

The main problem with Indian farmers is the too little size of their lands and their primitive methods of farming.

When I first read about these two problems the first thing that popped in my mind was group of farmers uniting their lands, dividing the profits. Now, if the administration was reliable then it would have been quite a smart thing to do, but in India every farmer is logically afraid that he will end up losing his land.

Therefore in place of a group of neighbours combining their lands legally with valid documents and confidence, aiming for the profits of a large piece of land they keep toiling in their small field, facing all sorts of adversity.

There is no big scope for saving money for their next crop, so they borrow money from money lenders at a horrible rate and repay with harvest, if crops go wrong commit suicide.

Every year it’s a pattern, one or dozens of farmers committing suicide because they can’t pay the money to the moneylenders back.

If this keeps going on and on then what’s the meaning of all the claims about researches and studies done to improve the condition of farmers. Apart from apathy corruption is a great threat. Because of this well nurtured, well groomed monster all these big talks about improving this field of Indian economy draws blank in case of small farmers, medium scale farmers. Just because of excessive corruption in administration from highest to lowest rung- they know that they will need the votes of these people because they are huge in number, so they take care that these people are never out of their hand to mouth status, that is, naïve prey status, so they can come there when they need their votes, promise them seventh heaven and vanish.

I wonder if things will ever change for these people, if ever they will see the days the farmers of USA, UK or dozens of other countries have seen. I keep praying because after all they supply the food on our plates for almost nothing. We pay good price, they get nothing somewhere in between the whole money vanishes.