Thursday Blog 16.4.15

Nosy neighbours… :) or people whatever you call them, in my country they are surplus and often extreme PITA- that is the only term I can use for them, because they really are extremely expert in crossing their limits to the extreme.

Some of my favorite questions-

1. Tell me how/why/when you communicate with your family/extended family etc, how many times in a day/month/year you meet or exchange communication, please feed me with minutest details.

2. Why is your brother not married (As if it is any of theirs or my *** business! I don’t know why he is not married but yes, I will love it if he does, even if his wife makes me change my accommodation! But, as I wont allow him to poke his nose in my conjugal plans I wont poke in his).

How many times a day you sms, phone, contact your brother or he does the same? he is my brother- not my friend/lover/spouse, we may be related by blood and dwell together but every thing else is different- he has his own life I have my own and we don’t flitter/hover around the other one’s world, we have lives to live! Is it a miracle if two siblings don’t have much in common?

3. Why don’t you work (that is because I love it to sit at home and spend my time doing everything I have always despised or disliked).

4. My culinary and interior decoration expertise, what will you do with them? give me a certificate? Marry me off to your son? believe me! you don’t want to do that ;)

Honestly, in all these years in Kolkata and now here, after answering these questions a million times I often wonder about the mental capacity of these women, are they mentally challenged or something? don’t they have anything better to do with their miserable lives than digging into the lives of others?