Vulture and fawn

Realm of Empress Musie

an ugly greedy vulture
forgot the rigid rule of nature
in place of carcass
he targeted a fawn
a beautiful living being
dancing in the green
caught his lusty attention
he decided to get it
he could feel his beak
sinking deep in its soft body
as its warm blood
mixed with his cold poison.


Sadly he realized the truth
after waiting long and hard
vultures cant have living meal
they have to wait for death
he got mad at the fawn
for not dying or surrender living
Every time the fawn stumbled
he prayed for its death
one morning he saw the fawn lying
still in the meadow green
happily he crooned,
“My dream has come true”
the fawn startled by his squawk
sprang up and disappeared in bush.

Sharmishtha basu

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