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Thursday Blog 28.4.16 Quota issue 3rd Indian plague

Oops! I said the “Q” word! Sorry! But this “Q” system is most probably the reason why Indian government offices are in such sorry state. After all, what can you expect from an office if majority of its employee are selected on their ancestral lineage?

Now, when I was growing up, courtesy Vishwanath Pratap Singh the Quota issue was raging in India, he was not happy with the percentage of government jobs given to SC/ST candidates, he wanted to lift it to a scary proportion.

Now imagine a country ravaged by unemployment and corruption, where private concerns are grinding mills, only hope of earning a decent bread is government jobs, there too corruption is rampant but still there is a hope, then comes a minister, sorry prime minister who has made enough wealth from public money to take care of his five generations of descendants at least and issues a dictum, to increase his vote-bank most probably (of course).

You see your world crumbling down around you, now maybe your ancestors had a huge position, but then Muslim came, British came and British left, leaving India almost beggar, so whatever advantages your upper (!) caste parents had was no longer that massive, on the other hand, though lower (!) castes were brazenly exploited but quite a huge percentage of them became Muslims and Christians, because there was nothing in Hinduism to hold them to it, they were monstrously abused, so they left when they had a chance, so quite a good percentage of “abused” were not anymore “abused”.

But, you will have to reap what your ancestors have sown, so, though a bit modified a huge percentage of government jobs were reserved for quota, some more “castes” were included into the “privileged castes of Indian Government”, the two castes that were left out were Brahmin and Kayasthas, though there are hundreds of them who starve.

Now, after reserving those seats did the government took enough care to train the candidates after dishing them out the important positions? No! They just were lifted up by crane and seated on the seat, then as no one could take away their job they did what they could, or thought they could!

So, yes, it indeed is an Indian plague that is ravaging the Indian society and no, I don’t see any cure, unless of course the quota system is removed. Or post selection training is given to candidates who are selected through “quota”.