sharmishtha basu

Thursday Blog 23.2.17

Who says computer accessories are delicate? Not mine! My mouse is most probably expiring, and believe me or not it acts like a perfect a*** till the minute I lose my temper and give it a couple of solid slamming against the floor! No not from the table, I work on floor, ever since moving to the house in Garia place, post Binky’s dungeon I have been keeping my computer on floor and sitting on floor to do all types of stuffs! That is so much better than maneuvering on a table! So I lift my arm as much as I can and give it a couple of thrashes and believe me it starts behaving for some time! I know I will have to buy a mouse, have told bro six months ago but he keeps forgetting!

But, were you saying that computer accessories are delicate? Maybe yours but certainly not mine. It acts like spare the rod and spoil the mouse!