Thursday Blog

Thursday Blog 26.11.15

I have almost stopped reading news/watching news since January this year. Honestly I don’t regret it either so I am fortunately missing all war stories and would have missed everything else too had I not been blogging.

The terror attacks are horrible, there is no doubt about that but equally horrible is bombing on civilians in name of combatting terrorism. Those of us who are neutral start to wonder if they are inter-connected and simply retaliation of the innocents hurt in these brainless wars that just keeps plaguing us.

We all know that Iraq attacks were done baselessly, how many innocents have died there in that attack? We may have forgotten it but have the locals forgotten it? What if separatist powers pull them in poisonous quagmire?

Don’t you ever feel like some war hungry countries are warring against each other, killing each other and demanding support from us?